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Ornatrix: Curly Hair and Renderman PxrMarschnerHair shader

In this project I wanted to test Renderman's PxrMarschnerHair shader with Ornatrix hair plugin for Maya. A video tutorial showing the grooming process will be available soon. I hope you like it!

Female model provided by Serguei Krikalev.

Ornatrix for Maya: Creating a Curly Hairstyle

Jeordanis figuereo render 01
Jeordanis figuereo render 03
Jeordanis figuereo render 04
Jeordanis figuereo render 02

Ornatrix Hair Maya Viewport 2.0

Jeordanis figuereo viewport 03

Viewport Preview of the Curl Node

Jeordanis figuereo guides

Guide Groups for hair parting represented by different colors